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Diagnose and treat your pet with your veterinarian remotely. Anytime. Anywhere.

TeleVet enables you to connect with the team at Huntington Beach Pet Hospital remotely through your mobile device to help treat and diagnose the health condition of your pets. The same great service at the convenience you need.


  • Add text details, pictures, and videos to your consultation for your veterinarian to review.
  • Chat with your veterinarian one on one with consultation instant messaging.
  • Set up a video chat or phone call appointment with your veterinarian to really dig into the details.
  • Schedule follow up appointments with your vet to check up on your pet’s healing progress.
  • Review previous consultation records to keep track of your pet’s health.

Download the app on your favorite device!


  • Send in a consultation to your veterinarian with detailed text, pictures, and/or videos.
  • Your case is assigned to a vet within your pet’s assigned clinic for review.
  • Optionally chat with your vet to schedule a video or phone call appointment to provide more details on the case.
  • Receive a treatment plan to get your pet healthy again, directly from your veterinarian.


  • Schedule follow up appointments for your veterinarian to remotely check up on your pet after treatment.
  • Video chat, call, or text with your vet and discuss your pet’s healing progress.

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