Flea control is something that most pet owners think about in warmer months. But, what about treating pets for fleas when it comes to the fall or during winter? Does your pet really need flea control all year long?

Interestingly many vets report a sharp drop in sales of flea control treatment in colder months. This is mainly due to the fact that many dog and cat owners think that all fleas die off in winter.

Let’s look at some of the facts to see why you really need flea control all year long for your pet. You will also find out that this is the best way to care for the health of your pets.

Reasons to All Around the Year Flea Control

Lifespan of fleas

First, fleas are very resilient blood-sucking pests that can live in surprisingly low temperatures. Most fleas survive in temperatures in the high 30s Fahrenheit and all it takes is for your pet cat or dog to come into contact with it. The flea can then drop off from their coat when they enter the home, and before you know it, you are experiencing flea bites!

Fleas also lay their eggs in places where there is a constant moderate temperature. So, garages, basements, or covered patios are common places from where flea infestations can happen at any time of year.

Central heating

Keeping your home a constant warm temperature throughout the year means that flea can cause problems all year long. Usually, fleas grow when the temperature is between 65 and 80°F. So, even if you have bitterly cold temperatures outside, flea populations can still thrive in warm homes.

Of course, in California and other warm states in the U.S., fleas can be active for many months of the year.

The Best Way to Control Fleas

Treating your pet all year round for fleas is the most effective way to control any flea infestations.

Once fleas have taken hold in your home, they can be difficult to get rid off. Actually, fighting fleas in the wintertime is sometimes the best course of action as there are fewer of them and they are less active.

Speak to your local vet in Huntington to find out the best method of flea control for your pet. If you treat your pets regularly for fleas you are less likely to have to deal with an annoying flea infestation in your home.