Let’s face it, there is probably nothing that we wouldn’t do for our pets. However, if your pet is faced with an unexpected health problem and needs emergency or extensive veterinary care, you could be faced with a large bill.

Pet insurance is one way to make sure that all you vet bills are covered and you can always ensure the best health care for your pet.

Unfortunately, many pet owners leave it too late to think about obtaining insurance for their pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that only 5% of dog owners and 1% of cat owners have pet insurance. Some think that it is not worth it because their pets generally keep good health. However, is it worth paying the monthly premium for pet insurance?

Here are 5 reasons that pet insurance really is worth it.

1. Pet Insurance Saves You Money in the Long Run

Some operations and healthcare plans for your pets can run into $1,000s and pet insurance means that you can always be sure that you can care for your pet’s health needs. So, pet insurance means that your pet’s health always comes first. It is also usually cheaper to insure a young pet than an older one.

So, pet insurance means that you never have to decide between your savings and your pet’s health.

2. Vet Costs are Rising

It is estimated that annual vet bills in the U.S. cost pet owners around $15 billion every year. Advances in technology mean that general checkups and operations for pets are rising. So, it can be expensive to pay for unexpected accidents or regular checkups.

3. Pet Insurance Plans are Flexible

There are many different pet insurance plans for all types of pets and birds. This means that you can find the perfect plan which is tailored to your pet’s age and needs. For example, pet insurance can be bought for just accidents or vaccinations or you can buy comprehensive health care insurance.

4. Pet Insurance is Easy

Pet insurance works so that you pay upfront for your pet’s healthcare costs and then submit receipts to your insurance provider. Depending on the deductibles on the pet insurance care plan, you will receive all or most of the costs back. That means that you can usually take your pet to any vet for medical care.

5. Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of pet insurance is that it gives you great peace of mind knowing that you can always care for the health of your pet.

If you have any question about pet insurance you can contact your local vet who can explain more about the advantages of pet insurance.