April 11 is National Pet Day and it gives all pet owners the chance to give some extra treats to their furry friends. Of course, loving pet owners show affection and appreciation to their pets every day. However, National Pet Day helps us remember the companionship that our pets give us daily.

Here are some great ideas to show your pet some extra appreciation on National Pet Day:

1 Healthy treats for National Pet Day

Why not treat your pet to some special healthy treats on National Pet Day? There’s nothing to show your appreciation more than some delicious treats. Although you don’t want to overindulge in treats, giving something special once in a while won’t do any harm.

You can also add to the fun of the special treats by playing games with your pet and giving treats as rewards. This can help to forge the close bond between you and your pet even more.

2 Have fun outdoors

Towards the middle of April, the weather around most of the country should be getting much warmer. So, you could take your dog out for a fun day in a dog-friendly park, go on a long walk, or play some games.

Please remember, though, to keeps pet supervised when playing outside and be aware of ticks.

3 Take some photos

This could also be the perfect opportunity to take some precious snapshots of your pet. It could be some action shots of your dog catching frisbees or your pet cat up to antics with toys. Another alternative could be to get some professional shots done for some great memories.

4 Donate to your animal shelter

Another way that everyone can celebrate National Pet Day is to donate to their local animal rescue shelter. Most animal shelters are run by non-profit organizations and rely on the generous support of volunteers and donations.

5 Extra belly rubs

If it’s not possible to organize something special or buy extra treats, then just giving some extra belly rubs or head scratches can be great for your pet and therapeutic for you.

Whatever you decide to do on April 11, National Pet Day, make sure it’s special for you and your pet.