At some point, most pet owners have to decide to look for quality boarding facilities for pets. This could be due to going on vacation, a family emergency, or illness.

Sometimes, it’s possible to leave your pet in the care of a trusted friend or neighbor, however, that is not always the best solution. Well-meaning friends may not have the necessary experience to care for someone else’s pet cat or dog. Or, they may not have the suitable training to deal with any health issues that may arise.

In these cases, most pet owners realize that professional pet boarding services are the best option. You can also arrange to have your pet’s regular checkups carried out while you are gone.

If you are thinking about pet boarding, what should you know?

Condition of the boarding facilities

First, you should check the condition of the boarding facilities to make sure they are maintained to a high standard. The area where pets are housed should look and smell clean.

Because of safety and hygiene standards, not all pet boarding facilities allow visitors where the kennels are. This is because dogs can become fearful or aggressive around strangers. However, you should be able to view the kennel area through a viewing window.

You should also see if the boarding facilities offer outdoor and indoor runs and what kind of exercise areas they have.

Pet security

It is a known fact that many pets escape to try and find their owners while they are gone. This is usually one reason why pet owners choose high-quality boarding facilities rather than leave their pet with a neighbor or friend.

Veterinary clinics that offer boarding facilities should have proper fencing and gates to prevent pets running away. It is always good to let the vet know if your pet is a digger or climber.

Pet supervision at boarding facilities

One of the keys to making sure your pet enjoys the stay at the boarding facilities is the ensure there is proper supervision. Experienced staff should always be on hand to check for signs of distress or any other health issue that your pet has.


Hygiene is of utmost importance at properly-run boarding facilities. Making sure that kennels are free of dirt, feces, and parasites will keep your pet healthy and free from illness and disease while you are away.

Comfort of pets in boarding

To make sure that you can have peace of mind when leaving your pet at a kennel, you should check the following:

  • Food and water. Enough clean drinking water should be provided for pets. Also, find out the feeding policy of the boarding clinic. Some places allow you to leave your pet’s favorite food and treats but others have their own food.
  • Veterinary service. Enquire about what veterinary services are available during the stay.
  • Temperature. The kennel area should be kept at a comfortable temperature and have good ventilation to help keep all pets healthy.
  • Exercise. Cats and dogs require regular exercising and have their own needs. Make sure that your dog will get enough space to run around in. Cats should have spaces large enough to allow stretching and play areas to keep them active.