Many dog owners forget the reasons why cleaning their pet’s teeth is so important. Keeping your pet dog’s teeth clean and free from plaque can help improve your dog’s oral health. However, cleaning a canine’s teeth doesn’t just help dogs avoid bad breath. Healthy gums and teeth in dogs also prevent other health problems developing.

Top Reasons to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

There are many reasons to make sure that your dog has clean teeth and healthy gums. The American Veterinary Dental College reports that gum disease in dogs is associated with heart disease, liver problems, and kidney issues.

Vets explain that a buildup of bacteria in the mouth causes plaque which can spread under the gum line. This can cause toxins in the mouth that can lead to a loss of teeth and tissue damage in the mouth. The only way to prevent this happening in your dog is to clean your dog’s teeth regularly and make sure that your pooch has good oral hygiene.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

There are many ways that you can clean your dog’s teeth. You can keep their teeth clean by brushing, giving them chews or visiting your local vet for a professional dental clean.

Here are some practical ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean and their breath fresh.

Brushing dog’s teeth

Fortunately, you don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day. However, regular brushing of the oral cavity will help remove plaque and bacteria.

The best way to do this is to start young – get your puppy used to you prodding their mouth with your finger. There are many specially designed types of dog toothpaste on the market that have a beef or chicken flavor.

Start by having your dog lick a little of the toothpaste from your finger (never use toothpaste designed for humans!) Do this for a couple of days so that they get used to the taste and you know they like the taste. Put some paste on a finger brush and brush the front of their mouth for a couple of days. When they are used to this, then move round to the back.

Always remember to praise your dog after each clean.

Dental chews for dogs

An easier way to help keep your four-legged friend’s teeth clean is to give them dental chews. These are specially designed to remove plaque from teeth as your dog chews on them. They also contain enzymes to improve dental health and reduce the number of oral bacteria.

If your dog is on a diet and you are worried about extra calories, then you can buy nylon chews that do an excellent job of cleaning a dog’s teeth.

Once you find out the kind of chew your pet dog loves and know what their favorite flavor of doggy toothpaste is, you will help to keep your pet’s teeth clean and look after their general health.