Even Huntington Beach pups experience anxiety and stress. It is important to recognize the symptoms, and then give them the appropriate care. If you are concerned about what care you need to give thing you should consult your dog’s veterinarian.

Some of the less obvious symptoms can include hiding, seeking comfort, shaking, and excess of licking. Of course, more overt symptoms include excessive barking, extreme aggression, trying to escape, excessive energy, excretion under duress, destruction, and panic attacks.

Stress can contribute to many health problems for dogs. It is important to understand what contributes to stress in dogs so that we can better help them. You should watch your dog to see what situations bring about stress reactions.

Some common stressful situations for dogs are doctor visits, separation, storms, and new situations. Once you identify the situations which are causing your dog stress you should try your best to reduce them. If the situation is not in your control then you should take some steps to ease your dog stress.

Photo by Parker Knight.

Some ways to calm your dog’s stress are medicine and lots of tender loving care. It should be noted however that medicine should only be used as a last resort. Socializing your dog can also go a long way to easing their stress.