Because pets are part of your family, it’s only right to expect them to behave in a certain way. Cats and dogs that behave properly add to the enjoyment of everyone in the family and your pets will feel better and safer as well.

It can be a challenge to instill in our pets good behavior because, after all, they are still instinctive animals and each pet has its own temperament and personality. However, with some patience and perseverance, it is possible to train your pets to behave well.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the basic principles for behavior training for cats and then how to train dogs to follow good behavior patterns.

Behavior Training for Cats

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to train cats and one of the most effective ways to do that is by positive reinforcement. It can be tempting to punish cats for bad behavior, however, it is more advantageous to reward your pet cat for something you like.

One of the most effective motivating factors for your cat to learn a new pattern of behavior is by giving treats. So, would you like kitty to stop scratching the furniture? Give her a treat when she’s using the scratching post. It’s also important to scratch her head and say something like “good kitty.” This is because in time you will need to wean your cat off the amount of treats you give her and reinforce good behavior with your attention.

Remember that bad behavior patterns could also be reinforced by treats. So if you don’t want your cat to meow all the time, don’t give treats when she does that.

If pet cat starts biting or clawing when you play with her, you could startle her with a loud sound (like clapping hands) or by hissing at them then walk away. This can reinforce good play behavior in your pet cat to know that biting and scratching isn’t good behavior.

Behavior Training for Dogs

It is much easier to train dogs to get them to behave well in the home and outside. Just as treats are a great way to reinforce positive behavior in cats, treats are an effective way to get dogs to behave properly around other people. In fact, most vets discourage using punishing techniques to train dogs.

At the very basic, all dogs should understand and respond appropriately to basic commands like sit, stay, heel, come, and drop. These are essential to keep your dog under control when he’s not on a leash. These basic commands can be easily taught by giving treats every time your dog behaves properly.

Always remember to back up the treat with positive words and lots of attention. After all, if you always have to give your dog treats as a reward, you are going to end up with a fat pooch. In time, the reward for good behavior will be your love and attention.

Good Behavior Training for Pets

In conclusion, getting your pets to behave properly will benefit all members of the family and your pets will thrive in a positive environment. So, with some time and perseverance, you can master good behavior techniques for your pet.