You can trust the Huntington Pet Hospital team to look after your pet companions when you are gone. Our facility is separated into two sections, enabling us to completely separate our feline guests from our canine boarders. All cages and runs are completely indoor and temperature controlled. As a veterinary hospital, we have the ability to more carefully monitor your pet’s health, as well as, administer any necessary medications. Our feline patients are also kept in a room maintained with Feliway pheromone to help reduce any anxiety during their stay.Requirements for boardingTo ensure the safety of all our guests, we have established the following minimum preventative care standards to help ensure your companions are free from any contagious diseases.
We require proof of updated vaccinations or we can update them on admission to the hospital. If you are aware that any of the following services are due, please schedule an appointment ideally no less than 48 hours before your pet’s day of boarding. Please call us for assistance in determining if a vaccination needs to be updated.
  • Current rabies vaccination
  • Current Distemper-Parvo vaccination for dogs and FVRCP vaccination for cats
  • Current Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination for dogs (we require only annually)
  • Fecal testing within 1 year required for dogs
  • Annual physical examination
  • If fleas are found on your pet during our admission screening process, we will administer a safe flea control product to ensure all boarding pets are kept safe. A additional fee is applied for this service.