March 23 is an extremely important day this year. It’s National Puppy Day!
Who doesn’t love an adorable, curious, playful and sweet little puppy? Puppies are a source of love, joy and companionship—but it’s not all fun and games. It’s crucial to remember that with great cuteness comes great responsibility. Adopting a puppy is a major lifestyle adjustment: Your young furry friend will be highly dependent on you, not just now, but for the rest of their life. 
The first few months you have with your puppy will lay the foundation for your canine’s future health and behavior. 

So, to ensure a healthy and happy life for your pup, here are some helpful puppy 101 tips:

  • Make a vet appointment with us immediately. You’ll get important information on vaccines, parasite control, signs to watch regarding illness, spaying/neutering info and more.
  • Shop for high-quality food. You puppy will grow fast, so it is essential to select a diet that’s made specifically for puppies instead of dogs. Puppy diets are rich in nutrients and specifically designed for rapid growth and optimal puppy health.
  • Establish a potty routine ASAP. Positive reinforcement, patience and planning are the keys to puppy potty success! It can be easy to get frustrated when accidents happen, but remember: Your puppy is learning, and it’s important not to scold them for making a mistake. Instead, keep a vigilant eye out for behavioral cues that it’s time to go out, and if an accident happens, promptly take your puppy outside.
  • Socialization. This is imperative during puppyhood to ensure your puppy grows into a socially successful, well-behaved dog. Socialization with other dogs, cats, and environments that will enhance their worldview and curb anxiety is highly recommended. 

This is far from a comprehensive list, but when you bring your puppy into Huntington Beach Pet Hospital, we’ll work with you to help your puppy blossom into a wonderful, lifelong companion.
If you’ve adopted — or plan to adopt — a new puppy, we would love to meet them! Call us at 714-962-3639 to make an appointment.