Knowing how to exercise your dog at home may not be as difficult as it sounds. For some dog owners, it can be a challenge to find time every day to get outside and walk their dog. Also, some people with reduced mobility may find exercising their beloved pet dog without going outside almost impossible.

In this article, you will learn some novel ways to exercise your dog without having to leave the comfort of your home. Of course, everyone’s home and situation is different, so not all of these ideas to exercise your dog indoors may work for you. However, making sure your dog is well exercised is one way to care for your dog’s health.

Work for food and treats

One way to get your dog active indoors is to make him work for his treats. You can do this by hiding treats around the house and have your dog sniff them out. Some great places are behind doors, under rugs, and behind cushions (if, of course, your pet dog is allowed on the couch!). You could also think of buying a treat dispensing toy for your dog.

Running up and down stairs

Going up and down stairs is a great exercise for everyone, including your pet dog. You can sit or stand at the top of the stairs and throw your pet’s favorite soft toy down for him to retrieve. You could also combine this with the first tip of indoor dog exercising by throwing tiny treats down the stairs.

Set up an obstacle course

Depending on the size of your home, you could set up an indoor obstacle course. With this, the only limit is your imagination. You can use old broom handles to make jumps, or you can make a tunnel with some chairs, blankets, and cushions, or set up a weave obstacle using buckets.

Blow bubbles

If you have a dog that loves to chase, then you can blow bubbles for your pet to snap at. This is a great way if you have limited mobility and are confined to a chair. You can even find great bubble solutions especially made for dogs that have delicious “doggy” flavors to entice them to chase the bubbles.

Tug of war

You can also engage your pet dog in a tug of war. This is a great way to exercise your dog indoors as well as outdoors.


If you exercise yourself at home on a treadmill, you can train your dog to walk on it as well. However, you should exercise caution with this to avoid injuring your dog. This is how to get your dog walking indoors on a treadmill:

  • Get your dog comfortable with the treadmill.
  • Place your dog on the treadmill and give him a treat.
  • When he is calm, turn the treadmill on to its lowest speed.
  • Every so often, give him some treats.

In time, you can increase the speed when your pet dog is more comfortable exercising this way. Please remember, never to tie your dog’s leash to the treadmill.

Of course, dog walking is important to keep your dog healthy physically and mentally. If possible, go on regular walks for your own health and the health of your dog. However, if it’s not possible for you to take your dog on long, regular walks, speak to someone who can assist and may enjoy the possibility of walking your dog regularly.