Even in Huntington Beach cats are natural climbers. Fact is if your cat is hard to find then they are probably in an elevated location. Cats naturally love being higher up, and so it is important for cats to have a safe climbing area.

Some of the benefits that come from a cat learning to climb are balance, muscle gain, flexibility, and an increase of skill. For adult cats climbing is mostly just fun, and of course great exercise. Being able to climb also gives your cat a better sense of security.

If you don’t want your kitty to climb your drapes, then it is necessary to provide acceptable climbing areas. A cat tree is a great option, and the more platforms the better. If there’s space on the wall, then you can install shelves which provide a climbing area for your cat.

Photo by Peter & Joyce Grace.

Elderly cats will need their climbing areas to be less stretched apart. Unlike their young counterparts they are unable to leap as far, or stretch as far.

In a multi-cat household, it is even more important have vertical territory. This will reduce conflicts between the cats and provide security for timid cats. Besides the more vertical areas accessible to your furry friends the more territory they have available.

For any concerns about the best ways to encourage safe climbing consult your veterinarian.