The New Year brings fresh perspectives, positive outlooks, and hopeful thoughts for what the next 12 months will bring. And all those warm and fuzzy feelings don’t have to be limited to what you hope to accomplish for yourself this year. If you’re a pet owner, why not involve your best furry pal in your hopes and dreams for 2020? Here are 5 essential New Year’s resolutions for you and your pets:

1. Take More Long Walks
There’s nothing quite like a walk to put things into perspective — and having your beloved dog at your side only makes it better. Plus, on rainy days or when you just don’t want to get out of bed, a little whimper and a nudging snout are excellent motivation. This year, let’s all pledge to take more long walks with our dogs. It’ll make us healthier, it’ll improve our bond with our best friends, and it’s a relaxing way to get fit.

2. Go on More Adventures
Feeling a little uninspired? Trapped in your Netflix and takeout routine? There’s no better encouragement to get out there and explore than your dog’s wagging tail at the front door. Look up dog-friendly hiking trails, find a nearby dog-friendly happy hour (that’s a “yappy hour” for you newbies), or break up your walk routine and check out a new neighborhood together. Get out there and explore the city with your dog at your side!

3. Find a Dog-Friendly Workplace
Looking to make a professional change? Take it from an insider: working alongside dogs is basically the best. They diffuse stress, offer unconditional affection when you need it most, and keep you company when you’re sitting through meeting after meeting. Studies prove working alongside dogs improves morale, resulting in a happier healthier workforce.

4. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or a sweet senior dog, it’s never too late for training. The main requirements? Patience and treats. This year, make a pledge to help your dog learn a few new tricks. The mental stimulation alone will tucker them out, and you’ll likely have a happier pup on your hands. From walking well on a leash to coming when called, these videos from Animal Planet take you step by step through 10 easy dog-training exercises.

5. Work on that Barking Problem
Our dogs make us feel safe and loved — but protecting us from the mailman every. single. day? That can get a little frustrating. If your dog has a bit of a barking issue, resolve to help her lighten up in the New Year.

This year, let’s all resolve to be the best pet parents we can be. That means going the extra mile to take care of ourselves and our dogs and enjoying every minute together. Happy New Year!

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